Saturday, 31 May 2008


Thanks for all the visits and comments so far, it is really appreciated! Just thought I'd post this to remind you of a few things.
Firstly, after each episode of Doctor Who there will be an episode discussion. Here, you can discuss with others theories, thoughts and opinions about the latest episode. In order to take part, there will be a news story about the discussion and what you have to do is click on the COMMENTS link below the article and hey presto, you can comment. I'm just saying this because I'm not sure everyone knows how to comment. Any messages are valued, I usually visit people's sites if they comment regularly. (Yes, that was a subtle hint)
Secondly and finally, the gallery has been updated with pictures from the Hay-On-Wye Doctor Who Quiz. If you're interested take a look.
So, don't forget to come back here at 8pm to discuss about 'Silence in the Library!'

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