Monday, 30 November 2009

The Last Voyage - Audio Story

I apologise for posting this late, but the BBC have released details about a brand new Doctor Who Audio adventure entitled 'The Last Voyage.' It features the Tenth Doctor and the synopsis and cover are below:

The TARDIS materialises on board the maiden voyage of a pioneering space cruiser, travelling from Earth to the planet Eternity. The Doctor has just started exploring the huge, hi-tech Interstitial Transposition Vehicle when there is a loud bang, a massive jolt and a flash of light. Shortly afterwards, he discovers that nearly all the passengers and crew have disappeared. Unless the Doctor and flight attendant Sugar MacAuley can take control and steer the ship, they could crash-land – or keep slipping through space forever. And as if that wasn’t enough, something awful awaits them on Eternity.

This will be released in the UK on January 7th 2010 at the RRP of £7.99.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Confirmed Dates (EDITED)

The dates and times for David Tennant's final two specials as the Doctor have been revealed, as well as some Doctor Who Confidentials. Here is the Christmas line up:

The End of Time (Part One) - Christmas Day, 6.00pm (60 minutes)

Doctor Who Confidential - Lords and Masters (60 minutes) Presumably this will be on straight after the episode.

The End of Time (Part Two) - New Year's Day, 6.45pm (75 minutes)

Doctor Who Confidential - Allons-y (60 minutes) Again, I'm guessing this will be on straight after the episode.

How exciting! Only four weeks now...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Readers Digest

I was very kindly sent the next cover for 'Readers Digest' and it features a great interview with David Tennant. The image is below, followed by an extract.

David Tennant has admitted he has “nothing to say” to new Time Lord, Matt Smith.

Tennant told Reader’s Digest, in an exclusive interview for the December issue, that he’d spoken to his successor several times “but there’s nothing to say. I think we both thought we’d be able to exchange lots of ideas. But actually it’s none of my business how Matt does it and nothing I say can really help him.”

Talking about his final foray as the Doctor in this year’s Christmas special, Tennant says “This year we’ve done something different. It is still set in Christmas, but it’s perhaps not got quite as much, er…Christmas cheer as before.” Tennant adds that come Christmas Day he’ll be watching his own send off. “Just to enjoy the moment. It’s my last Doctor Who – it will be nice to witness that.”

Tennant is now the proud possessor of his own sonic screwdriver, the Doctor’s signature gizmo. “I have one of the real things! I’ve only once used it to impress a child. It was a charity thing but it was quite cool. He was only about five, so it was a nice, wide-eyed moment.”

While he “doesn’t have any regrets” about leaving the iconic series Tennant is prepared for the inevitable “pangs of jealousy” once he’s handed over the Doctor’s mantle.

But Tennant fans shouldn’t think he’ll be resting on his laurels.

Hinting at possible future plans, Tennant reveals that as a child he loved Marvel’s The Avenger’s, a comic about a team of crime-fighting superheroes. “It’s yet to be made into a film, although I think there are rumblings. I’d be quite happy to be involved.” Indeed the film is in pre-production, with Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson already signed on.

David Tennant, superhero? Fans would say he’s played that role already.

Also, the EPIC new St Trinians 2 trailer can be seen here and DT looks... odd.

Monday, 23 November 2009

The End of Time Synopsises! (Synopsi? Synopses?)

The BBC have released two summaries for the 10th Doctor's final episodes and they can be seen below:

The End of Time - Part One

It’s the Tenth Doctor’s final journey - but his psychotic nemesis the Master has been reborn, on Christmas Eve. With both determined to cheat death, the battle ranges from the wastelands of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate, while the alien Ood warn of an even greater danger approaching, as a terrible shadow falls across the entire Universe...

The End of Time - Part Two

The Doctor faces the end of his life as the Master’s plans hurtle out of control. With the sound of drums growing louder, and an ancient trap closing around the Earth, the Doctor and Wilf must fight alone. But sacrifices must be made, and the deadly prophecy warns: “He will knock four times.”

Thanks to WhovianNet for this!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Children in Need Clip!

The BBC promised us a new clip during this year's Children in Need and you can now see it below!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Top Ten Tennant Moments

As we all know, David Tennant's journey as the 10th Doctor is going to end soon and, to remember this occasion, they are letting you vote for 'Your Top Ten Tennant Moments.' The link is here and you can vote for five in total. I voted saying goodbye to Rose, describing Gallifrey to Martha, taking down Max Capricorn, saying goodbye to DoctorDonna and reunited with Rose.

I'd certainly like to hear your favourites if you're going to vote. Thanks to Will from Will and Seb for this!

Also, for a few laughs click here. They're speculating the Doc's last words.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Trailer Screencaps

After seeing the amazing trailer for the next Doctor Who episode, I couldn't resist making some screencaps, so here they are:

Mad Master Eye

Something's wrong...

Odd Ood

Important looking man

Wilf still has his hat...


Doesn't look good...

Lucy Saxon

Strange blue light...

Wilf concentrates...

Gangster Master

"I'm going to die."

Is she starting to burn up?

Another serious look...

I'm baaaack!

He's like fire and ice...

Your song will end soon.


Another serious look to finish with.

If it's any help, it's Christmas 5 weeks this Friday...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Waters of Mars : Thoughts

So The Waters of Mars has finally been shown and just WOW. How amazing was that?! I absolutely loved this episode and it had some genuinely chilling moments. And the Ood! He thought he was going to die! Argh! Plus the bit with the Dalek was very clever and it was a nice reference to the past episodes. And is the Doctor turning darker? He's a Time Lord victorious now...

On top of this, the trailer for the Christmas special was brilliant! What did you think?

The Waters of Mars Tonight!

It's finally November the 15th which means that tonight we'll be watching a brand new episode of Doctor Who! The Waters of Mars is just a few hours away, and it's quite shocking to think that the last episode was broadcasted over half a year ago!

After David Tennant's penultimate story has been shown on BBC One, why not come back and share your opinions? I will be doing a post which you can leave your thoughts and comments on, so please return here at 8pm.

In the mean time, don't drink the water...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lots of News...

It was revealed in the latest issue of DWM that the regular price of £3.99 is going to rise up to £4.20. The editor of the magazine said, "I have to make an announcement: after an unprecedented five years at the same price, I'm sorry to say that this is the last issue of DWM costing £3.99. The next two issues will be bumper 84-page editions at £4.99, after which we'll move to a new regular pice of £4.20. We hope you feel that we still give you value for money." Haven't they heard of the credit crunch?!

In other news, Russell T Davies has confirmed that the Christmas special title will be six words long. This obviously means it's no longer called The End of Time like we all thought, but the New Year's special is likely to be called this.

Finally, David Tennant made an appearance in an episode of The Paul O Grady show this week and can be seen being interviewed below:

Special thanks to The Gallifrey Times for all this news.

Free Doctor Who Posters

For anyone who lives in Wales, like me, there is a special treat in a newspaper called the 'Western Mail.' In order to celebrate the return of Doctor Who tomorrow, they are giving away a free poster from The Waters of Mars every day up until Thursday. Sadly the offer is only available in Wales.

Also, in an article inside the newspaper, Russell T Davies has said that the episode will have the audience on 'the edge of their seats.' "The Waters of Mars is certainly one of the scariest episodes. It's the intensity - it's trapped, claustrophobic, desperate - which really ups the stakes. Towards the end, the monsters aren't the scary things; it's the humans and the Doctor who really give me a chill."

David Tennant added, "It's an episode which sees the Doctor and his companion Adelaide face true terror on the Red Planet. It tells a different sort of story I think. It's a long time before the Doctor takes control and I think that's what's unnerving about it, it's not the standard kind of structure. We expect the Doctor to take control earlier, we expect the Doctor to know how he's going to do it and know he's going to win through, and he sort of doesn't. And even though he wins in the end it's a bittersweet victory. And people die and that's part of the story we had to tell, to go where we're going."

Also, we all know that John Simm is returning at Christmas, and he talked a little about his character. He said, "If you thought I was hamming it up in the last one, wait till you see this. This doesn't call for subtle. The Master is insane. He is off the leash. Unhinged. Totally unplugged."

Sounds good to me!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Specials DVD Cover

The amazing cover for the complete specials has been released and can be seen below! Further details will be revealed soon, I'm sure. Thanks to Will from Will and Seb's Blog for sending me this!

I can't help thinking that this is David Tennant's last DVD cover... *sniff*

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Predicting the Next Doctor have sent me some information about an interesting article they have online, wondering just how and why the bookies failed to guess who the next Doctor would be played by. Of course it was confirmed to be Matt Smith, but everyone was convinced it would be Paterson Joseph. If you're interested in this, click here. Thanks to the people for sending it; it really was a good article.

Radio Times Cover

Sorry about the lateness, but the latest issue of the Radio Times which is out now, has a Doctor Who cover! Another one to add to the collection...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Pictures!

As the date for The Waters of Mars creeps ever closer, more and more pictures from the episode are being released! Below are a bunch of stills from Digital Spy that the BBC provided them with. Enjoy!

(The carrots are evil...)

(Didn't I tell you?)

My favourite picture. It's trademark 'Serious Doctor.'

Monday, 9 November 2009

Brilliant New TWOM Clip

A brand new 3-minute snippet from this week's 'The Waters of Mars' has been released by the and you can watch it below. Beware of mini-spoilers though! Thanks to Will for providing the link.

Name: The Doctor. Rank: Doctor. Intention: Fun. (Best. Line. Ever.)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

More Airdates + Trailer

To any American/Australian Doctor Who fans out there, here's some good news! The airdates for The Waters of Mars have been released. For America, it will be broadcasted on 19th December on BBC America, and for Australia it will be broadcasted on 6th December on ABC.

Also, a new mini trailer has been released:

I absolutely can NOT wait!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Cheryl Cole in Series Five?

It has been rumoured that, popular singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, could be offered a part in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. Although this is highly unlikely because of her busy schedule, an 'insider' said, "If she can find the time, a part will be written for her." In response to this, the BBC have said, "The BBC will not be commenting on casting or storyline speculation for the new series of Doctor Who."

I'm not sure what to think of this... I do like her but can she really act? Will she really say way aye to the offer? (Yeah, that was bad, I know. Never mind.)