Monday, 29 September 2008

The Last Sontaran Today

So the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, series two, has just been shown. What did you think of 'The Last Sontaran?' Leave a comment below and discuss with others!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures

As you all know, The Sarah Jane Adventures returns to our screens this Monday, so as a treat here is a video from behind the scenes of filming the second series. Also, after each episode remember to visit The-OncomingStorm and leave a message in the episode discussion.

UPDATE: Episode One of the site series is up now!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Doctor Who Special Tomorrow

Reminder: For those Radio listeners out there, tomorrow morning on Chris Moyles' Radio One show there will be a Doctor Who special, featuring chats with David Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies along with a chance to win a tour around the set where Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures are filmed! Tune in from 6am until 10am to get the details to enter.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Via The Void News

It has disappeared for a while but now Via The Void is back! The-OncomingStorm's exclusive magazine will commence from October 13th, when issue 6 will be released. The cover can be seen below:

Also, a brand new story by Will from Will and Seb has been added, entitled Hickory Dickory Dock.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Title Confirmed

The BBC Press Office have confirmed that the 2008 Christmas Special will be called The Next Doctor. The Special stars David Morrissey alongside David Tennant and will be set in the past. The Cybermen will reappear in the episode to cause trouble.

What do you think of this title? Is it a bit disappointing?

Monday, 22 September 2008

Deleted Scene

In 'The Writer's Tale' out this week there are exclusive pictures of what was going to be the cliffhanger at the end of Journey's End. The scene, including some Cybermen, would have lead into this year's Christmas special but was deleted after it was deemed unsuitable by the Production team.

We all know it would have been: What? What?! WHAT?!?!

Special thanks to Blogtor Who and Will from Will and Seb for the pictures and ideas in the post.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Next Doctor

(Firstly, this may be old news but I couldn't update yesterday, so I need to add this anyway!) It has been reported by The Sun that during this year's Christmas special, apparently called 'The Next Doctor,' this will happen:

“The Doctor arrives, hears a damsel in distress, he steps forward to save her when this other man swings in, dashing, brilliant, amazing, clever, witty, saves the day. The Doctor says: ‘Who are you?’ The man says, ‘I’m the Doctor!’ The Doctor becomes his companion. There will be a beautiful woman too, of course, but really it’s the Doctor paired with a new Doctor.”

These rumours have been sparked by filming photos which show David Morrissey (who stars in the Special) wearing very Doctor-like clothes. However, nothing has been confirmed yet!


Just thought I'd make a quite mention about the updates. I have added many promotional photos to the gallery which I have never come across before so if you want to see them follow this link. Also, coming soon will be the TOCS Series which is a set of fictional stories made up into a series for the site.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack

Silva Screens have confirmed that the Series 4 Official Television Soundtrack will be released during November. The CD will contain music from the 4th Series including 'Song of Freedom' (perhaps the Ood song?) and 'The Doctor's Theme.' More information including a track list is expected to be released soon.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

DWM Photo

There hasn't been much news again today, so I thought I'd upload this amazing photo. It comes from issue 400 of Doctor Who Magazine which was released today and shows the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, and the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, reading DWM. What do you think of it?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

DWM Issue 400 Details

The cover for issue 400 of the popular Doctor Who Magazine can be seen below. The issue, out tomorrow, features exclusive chats with Russell T Davies and David Tennant as well as a free poster and all the usual features. It will be available in all good newsagents at a price of £3.99.

Allonsy Alonso...

Russell T Davies recently revealed his choice for the 11th Doctor in his new book The Writer's Tale. He thinks Russell Tovey, who appeared in Voyage of the Damned as Midshipman Frame, would be a great actor to follow David Tennant in playing the Doctor. In the book it says:

"...Also, Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame, which is my favourite casting of the lot, because he's going to be huge, that man. He's amazing. I think I'd make him the Eleventh Doctor!"

As far as we know David Tennant isn't planning on leaving yet but maybe we now know who he'll regenerate into...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Writer's Tale

The book 'The Writer's Tale' written by head of Doctor Who Russell T Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook is out next week and exclusive previews of some of the book have surfaced online. These include emails exchanged by the pair, one of which can be seen below:

From: Russell T. Davies To: Benjamin Cook
Thursday April 12, 2007 03:19:05 GMT
Tempted? To do a fifth series? Not for a second. Weird, isn't it? I'm going to go to bed and think that through, and wonder why that is exactly. I'm not sure. I think, really, it's because the option is untenable, because way back, around the time that we filmed Doomsday, we promised this course of action to David. And to each other. We decided that we'd have a fourth series (David's third), with a big ending, after which we'd take the show off air, just for a short while, apart from the odd special, so that we could have a breather, and a new production team could settle in, find its feet, and prepare for Series Five. And there's all sorts of other plans, for the future, but...I'm almost superstitious about putting things into print.

To see more extracts follow this link. The book is out on 25th September and contains 512 pages.

Monday, 15 September 2008


David Tennant has been nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series category at the TONY Awards. You can vote online here. Let's help him win, he certainly deserves it. He is up against the likes of Kyle Chandler, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Krause and Christopher Meloni (whoever they are...) so get voting!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

TOCS Awards

I don't tend to advertise site projects anymore but there hasn't been much news today so I felt I had to. The latest addition to the site is The-OncomingStorm Awards! Here, you can vote for a variety of different things from websites to episodes, it's all down to you. To vote please follow this link: here. You have until November 1st to cast your votes, please do so!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

DWM #400 Details

Issue 400 of the popular Doctor Who Magazine goes on sale next Thursday (18th September) and details have been released about it:

The 400th issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE is almost here!
We're keeping the exact contents a secret for now, but we can promise you exclusive chats with executive producer Russell T Davies and the Doctor himself, David Tennant! There's also the biggest competition we've EVER run, a FREE double-sided poster, and EIGHT EXTRA pages, all for the usual price of £3.99!

The cover has been kept top-secret but one thing we know is that this issue will be fantastic!

PLUS: Please apply for a site review here.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

CIN Special?

According to the official Torchwood magazine, during this year's Children in Need, which airs on November 14th, a special Doctor Who/ Torchwood crossover will be shown. Not many details have been revealed yet, it hasn't even been confirmed. However, Russell T Davies has said that Doctor Who would have some presence at CIN.

In other news, it is rumoured that Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor) will return in one of the 2009 specials in a flashback of the Time War. This news comes from The Sun, so I wouldn't treat it as the truth just yet...

Just a thought...

Could this be the Doctor in the SJA series 2 trailer...?

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

More Awards

Doctor Who was again triumphant at the TV Quick Awards, winning 3 awards and exterminating the opposition (sorry, bad joke, I know). David Tennant won Best Actor for his role as the Doctor, Catherine Tate won Best Actress for her role as Donna Noble and the show itself picked up the Best Loved Drama award for a third time.

Monday, 8 September 2008

More of Noble?

The Sun have claimed that Catherine Tate will reprise her role as Donna Noble in forthcoming episodes. A source for the controversial newspaper said, "Fans will be delighted to see Catherine back. She was one of the wackiest companions of all time." It has also been claimed that Bernard Cribbins will return as Donna's grandfather, Wilf.

As well as the return of The Nobles, apparently John Simm will return to reprise his role as the Master in the forthcoming 2009 specials. Another source said, "It's great to have John back, he and David Tennant have a real nemesis chemistry."

Finally, the paper claimed that David Tennant has signed up for the full 2010 series.

Please treat these as rumours, at the moment they have not been confirmed.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Trailer Screencaps

The BBC have released a new trailer advertising the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. To see the trailer click here and below are some screencaps. If you are going to use them, please credit The-OncomingStorm.

New Look

As you can see, The-OncomingStorm now has a brand new look! I suppose the layout hasn't changed that much, but the colours have been revamped and so will the pages. I am working on adding and altering the old pages, they will be finished soon. In the mean time, keep visiting for the latest news and tell me what you think.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Competition Winner

In the last issue of Via The Void, a competition was held where you had to design a DoctorDonna banner. Many great banners were received, but one stood out. The winner is Charlotte, whose banner contained quotes and pictures from the episode Journey's End, was effective and colourful.

Charlotte wins a book of her choice, a new competition will be in the next issue of VTV, out soon.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Sarah in September

It has been confirmed that the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will begin it's transmission on Monday 29th September. The series begins with 'The Last Sontaran' and it will, probably, be shown at 5pm which is the show's usual slot on BBC 1.

In other news, I am now a member of the MDWM/MTWM team as an article writer. Whenever one of my pieces is published, I'll give notice on here.

Finally, the site WILL be having a new look, it's just taking a while. Tomorrow there will be updates of many pages and the winner of the book competition will be announced here.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Summer Stress

Doctor Who star Billie Piper, 25, has told the Radio Times of how she feels stress during the Summer holidays, because of the children who genuinally believe she is Rose Tyler!

The star, who is 7 months pregnant, said, "Every child just thinks you're Rose and you don't want to spoil the illusion.

"I really feel for David (Tennant, who plays the Doctor) because that's his life - everywhere he goes is slightly chaotic."

It's sure that Miss Piper could be doing without this stress, it's not good for the baby, due in October.

Monday, 1 September 2008

September Books

The three Doctor and Donna books 'Ghosts of India,' 'The Doctor Trap' and 'Shining Darkness' were released today where I live, suggesting that the books are available before the official date which is September 4th. This means that if you wish, you may be able to purchase the books now instead of on Thursday. I am reading them at the moment, so expect reviews in VTV in a later issue. They are £6.99 each.

The DVD Volume containing 'Turn Left,' 'The Stolen Earth' and 'Journey's End' is also out today for a RRP of £17.99.