Thursday, 29 May 2008

Series Finale Clue?

The latest issue of DWM has been released today, and as usual, it has previews of certain episodes. One of these episodes being previewed was 'Turn Left.' Here's what Russell T Davies said would happen in it:

"The Chino-planet of Shan Shen seems like a great place to visit: all flags, pagodas and local colour. The TARDIS twosome are having a right old laugh, messing around on the open-air, ramshackle market stalls... that is, until a Fortune Teller tempts Donna with a free reading. In an incense-laced chamber, this mysterious and cryptic figure starts delving into Donna's past. Searching for something very significant... a single event. And what's that thing, scuttling away in the curtains behind Donna's back...?

This episode obviously tells us what Lucius meant when he said, "There is something on your back!" But doesn't the word scuttling remind you of spiders? Perhaps the Racnoss or even a spider on Donna's back? What do you think?


David said...

I think that Turn Left, from this description, sounds like the rejected script for (Torchwood episode) Fragments. It sounds rubbish.

Sophie said...

oooo damnn im gettin a weird feeling about donna...i think she might not survive