Saturday, 14 November 2009

Free Doctor Who Posters

For anyone who lives in Wales, like me, there is a special treat in a newspaper called the 'Western Mail.' In order to celebrate the return of Doctor Who tomorrow, they are giving away a free poster from The Waters of Mars every day up until Thursday. Sadly the offer is only available in Wales.

Also, in an article inside the newspaper, Russell T Davies has said that the episode will have the audience on 'the edge of their seats.' "The Waters of Mars is certainly one of the scariest episodes. It's the intensity - it's trapped, claustrophobic, desperate - which really ups the stakes. Towards the end, the monsters aren't the scary things; it's the humans and the Doctor who really give me a chill."

David Tennant added, "It's an episode which sees the Doctor and his companion Adelaide face true terror on the Red Planet. It tells a different sort of story I think. It's a long time before the Doctor takes control and I think that's what's unnerving about it, it's not the standard kind of structure. We expect the Doctor to take control earlier, we expect the Doctor to know how he's going to do it and know he's going to win through, and he sort of doesn't. And even though he wins in the end it's a bittersweet victory. And people die and that's part of the story we had to tell, to go where we're going."

Also, we all know that John Simm is returning at Christmas, and he talked a little about his character. He said, "If you thought I was hamming it up in the last one, wait till you see this. This doesn't call for subtle. The Master is insane. He is off the leash. Unhinged. Totally unplugged."

Sounds good to me!

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