Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lots of News...

It was revealed in the latest issue of DWM that the regular price of £3.99 is going to rise up to £4.20. The editor of the magazine said, "I have to make an announcement: after an unprecedented five years at the same price, I'm sorry to say that this is the last issue of DWM costing £3.99. The next two issues will be bumper 84-page editions at £4.99, after which we'll move to a new regular pice of £4.20. We hope you feel that we still give you value for money." Haven't they heard of the credit crunch?!

In other news, Russell T Davies has confirmed that the Christmas special title will be six words long. This obviously means it's no longer called The End of Time like we all thought, but the New Year's special is likely to be called this.

Finally, David Tennant made an appearance in an episode of The Paul O Grady show this week and can be seen being interviewed below:

Special thanks to The Gallifrey Times for all this news.


Anonymous said...

You said: Haven`t they heard of the credit crunch.
It`s 21p. Hardly piggy bank busting.

And we already knew that Part 1 wasn`t going to be called The End of Time.

Becky said...

That might be a lot to some people. And not everyone knew, I'm just telling everybody the news.

Happy now?