Saturday, 6 February 2010

Multiple Companions?

I am sorry for the lack of updates lately - it seems to be a bit quiet regarding Doctor Who news at the moment. However, a rumour going around at the moment is that there will be more than one companion in the TARDIS during Series Five...

The Daily Star have claimed that a character called Rory Williams, Amy Pond's fiance, will be joining her and the Doctor for a few adventures. This hasn't been confirmed, but an insider has supposedly said, "It’s a good job that police box is bigger on the inside than out; it’s going to be a tight squeeze in there this year!"

This isn't official yet, but would you like this idea? Thanks to WhovianNet for this information.


charlotte said...

there's been lots of info on River Song like she was travelling in the TARDIS series 5 or appears in multiple episodes like Jack.

Flick said...

Oooo, this sounds like series one and two :) With The Doctor, Mickey and Jack. I loved that combo.

Amy, Rorey and Riversong? Sounds like a plan ;D


Anonymous said...

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