Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hybrid Cyberman?

A hybrid Cyberman will appear in the Christmas Special, according to The Sun newspaper.

Called Cybershade, the armoured cyborg will be even nastier than the rest of the species.

"Like we did with the Daleks, we've taken the original robot and made it a bit more sinister," an insider told The Sun, "The Cybershade is a mutant with some of the looks of the Cybermen - but is a much darker creation."

What do you think? Could this be true?

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Anonymous said...

They were originally called 'Cyberwraiths.' That's what I have been calling them for the last few months. Now I know what they are really called: 'Cybershades.' I have seen an image of them. They look similar to Cybermen but where a dark cloak and have two metal rings on the heads. Anyway, great news Bex. Keep up the great work. Can't wait until issue 5 of Via The Void and the new improved Gallery. Great work.