Sunday, 6 July 2008

Loose Ends

So, I've just about recovered from Journey's End and I was thinking about the whole series and how it was linked up. Here's what I came up with:

The whole DoctorDonna thing started back in Planet of the Ood, where the Ood called the Doctor and Donna DoctorDonna. Blimey, that's a mouthful...

The Heartbeat
Donna heard heartbeat noises during the finale, but this was all to do with the DoctorDonna thing.

Your Loss
During The Stolen Earth, a woman from the Shadow Proclomation said, "I'm sorry for your loss," to Donna. We now know that this meant Donna's memory loss.

Bees Disappearing
It turns out the bees were following a signal (can't remember it's name and don't have a clue how to spell it)

Donna's Back
The thing on Donna's back was a Time Beetle, aiming to change time.

The Prophecy
Dalek Caan stated that the Prophecy said that someone will die, or everlasting death for the most faithful companion. This, sort of, turned out to be Donna, or her old self, as the Doctor said that version of Donna was dead.

Parallel Worlds
Rose was able to travel between parallel worlds because they developed technology which allowed them to do so.

Jackie's Baby
At the end of Doomsday, Rose told the Doctor she was pregnant. During Journey's End Jackie told the Doctor her baby was called Tony. She jokingly said it was called Doctor first.

The Osterhagen Key
This key turned out to be something which would detonate a pile of nuclear bombs which would destory the Earth when the suffering of the human race became so great that it couldn't go on anymore.

The Lost Planets
During the series, plenty of planets were going missing. We now know that is was Davros and the Daleks who had taken them.

I think that's everything. However, here are some other points:

  • Why did the Ood say to the Doctor, "One day your song will end."
  • Captain Jack seemed like he was asking Martha to join Torchwood at the end of the episode Journey's End. Mickey then joined the two, also sparking rumours he'll be joining Torchwood.
  • Who is River Song?
  • Could Rose and her Doctor possibly have a spin off series? It could always be possible!
  • Did Davros and Caan really die, or did they escape with an emergency temporal shift?
  • Donna's ring seemed to be shining at one point in the episode Journey's End, was it light or the Master's ring?

What do you think? Feel free to leave us some comments.


Steve said...

Ok, The Ood said your song will end because:

They sang their song for Donna and The Doctor, if Donna goes - its not both of them so they cant sing it!

RTD, said he will never be the one to kill Davros, so he will return one day!

DWMO said...

I think that the song has somethinkg to do with The Doctor and Rose as you can here Rose's theme as the words "I think your song will end soon."


sophie said...

yeah i thought the shiny ring was significant but im noit sure if its master related

crazy-doctor-who-08 said...

I think it would be great if Mickey joined Torchwood and also Martha.I wish that The Sontarans would come back as i really liked them.The ring on Donna's finger has got to be something to do with The Master.

Alexander said...

With the Doctor and Rose spin off series I think there might be a Telemovie.