Saturday, 16 August 2008


I'm off to Barcelona for 2 weeks (not the city, the planet. They have dogs with no noses!) so sadly I won't be able to update during that time. However, there's still plenty of reasons for you to visit, there are enough pages to keep you entertained. Also, please continue to leave some comments, it'll be nice to come back to read them.

I leave you with a video, and the updates shall return on September 1st. I'll see you then!


Just a bit of news, this is the 2009 Calendar cover. The calendar will be based on the fourth series of Doctor Who and it is expected to be released on October 30th at a RRP of £7.99.


Robit said...

Have A Nice Holiday TOCS!!!!! Enjoy And Take Pics Aswell

Redevil 987 said...

Have a good time in Barcelona! The new calander looks cool by the way!