Saturday, 2 August 2008

Via The Void Issue 5

Here is a little peek at Via The Void issue 5 which will be released on August 11th. The front cover and some details are below.

In this issue of Via The Void there is:

  • An interview with MDWM
  • 'Your Website' takes a look at Turevenad
  • 'Donna Noble - A New Life' fan fiction by Will
  • Kyle reviews 'New Earth'
  • A look at the Doctor's journey through Series 4

And much, much more!

Visit here on August 11th to view the magazine!


Anonymous said...

Great cover! If you ever want any help making or designing covers for VTV just ask!


DWMO said...

Comment on TOCS post - VTV Issue 5
Great cover. Can't wait until it's released. My name is on the cover. :)
I am now VTVs official episode reviewer so my name is on the cover. Great site :):):):):):)

turevenad said...

cant wait very exciting :) !!!!!!!!!!!

Seb said...

Damn I'm not hereon August the 11th :(

juoo said...

i could make something as kick ass a this, i just dont want to lol!