Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Title Confirmed

The BBC Press Office have confirmed that the 2008 Christmas Special will be called The Next Doctor. The Special stars David Morrissey alongside David Tennant and will be set in the past. The Cybermen will reappear in the episode to cause trouble.

What do you think of this title? Is it a bit disappointing?


Kyle said...

Great Post!

I Think that this title is a bit disappointing because catchier, better titles have been thought of in the past!

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Blogger Woman said...

I like the title "The Next Doctor", but some have been thought of before that I have thought are way better.

Voscarian Child said...

The Next Doctor sounds a bit presumptuous, what are we to think? Is David really quitting after this? Is there a next regeneration planned?

In all the stories of Doctor Who, this is kind of lame, like they've suddenly run out of ideas.

Couldnt they think of something with Cybermen in the title or Men of Steel return or something with a bit of mystery.

I have heard the mention of another Doctor however from another friend on another forum, she mentioned there was another Doctor in the christmas epi, but yeah, title needs reworking.

Voscarian Child