Friday, 19 September 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack

Silva Screens have confirmed that the Series 4 Official Television Soundtrack will be released during November. The CD will contain music from the 4th Series including 'Song of Freedom' (perhaps the Ood song?) and 'The Doctor's Theme.' More information including a track list is expected to be released soon.


drwhomad said...

cool post and great site. Just wondering when is my site review i applied for one a while ago.

Doctor Who Fans

Mandy said...

Thanks! Love all the updates, the soundtrack looks awesome! :) x

Voscarian Child said...

I can't wait for the new soundtrack as I have the previous two and there were a lot of updated versions in the new series especially U.N.I.T. music which I love a lot. Also the new Doctor Who theme, now that's worth blasting out loud for all the neighbourhood to hear on a sunday morning as is my mood.