Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Dalton, Tennant and Simm?

The above picture has emerged from The Sun and it shows Timothy Dalton, David Tennant and what looks like John Simm, apparently messing around during filming of Doctor Who. I really am believing the rumours now, but the clothing is particularly interesting... the Master in a hoodie and Timothy Dalton in strange robes...?

Thanks to The Bad Wolf TV for this!


Rhi said...

Thanx for the credit :) I think Timothy Dalton may be playing someone from Gallifrey, there were rumours of it returning....

Rhianna (Rhi)
The Bad Wolf TV

Will said...

Eww John Simm looks weird

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

A time lord? Hoorah! Good to see a bit of the classioc element back. John Simm looks so different.

thedoctorwho07 said...

Timothy Dalton has been superimposed into the image.

You can tell because everything else including David Tenannt and John Simm's heads have got a slight fuzz on it, but Dalton's head and neck has not.

Also, there is a smudge from his neck going onto the jumper thing slightly.

And there is a real photo that has that exact same head shot in it.

The photo's a fake, sorry. lol

Although, there obviously IS a Timelord person there because that particular Timelord costume has not been in any previous Dr Who story and so that part must be real! Hooray!

Matt Blakeman said...

hmm Timothy Dalton, if that actually IS him, and not been photo-shopped in, looks like a very good Borusa to me, if he managed to escape Rassilons tomb, or something :P