Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Torchwood Teasers

Digital Spy have revealed 10 teasers ready for the Torchwood episode 'Children of Earth' which is airing next week:

1. Children Of Earth has a slightly terrifying premise: all of the children in the world stop dead at exactly the same moment and begin uttering the message "We are coming." All of them. And all in English, too.

2. The "we" is revealed to be an alien race dubbed The 456, not heard from in over 40 years.

3. In addition to the children, there is one other person reciting the message - a psychiatric patient named Timothy White. What connection does this have to an incident in Scotland in 1965?

4. Captain Jack and Ianto are referred to as "a couple" on more than one occasion.

5. As the episode begins, Rhys is looking at new houses for him and Gwen. But by the end of the episode, she has a very large secret she needs to share with him.

6. Both Owen and Tosh make appearances.

7. We meet Ianto's sister, nephew and niece. How will he respond to confirmed sightings of him on a dinner date with a man?

8. We also meet Captain Jack's.... daughter

9. By the end of the episode, both Jack and Gwen have something inside them. Both items will change their worlds forever.

10. The ending to the first episode is probably one of the most compelling cliffhangers the Whoniverse has ever seen.

I'm really excited about all of this now!!


Whovian-Guy said...

im utterly speechles bout Tosh and Owen!!!!!!!

Will said...

Did anyone else snort at the Jack having something inside him comment? Sorry, I'm childish I know... XP


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I can't wait! Are there any red herrings or are they all true?