Monday, 15 June 2009

Torchwood Soundtrack News

Some information has emerged about the upcoming Torchwood 'Children of Earth' soundtrack, expected to be released on July 7th. The cover and track list can be seen below! (The things in brackets are my response to the title, by the way.)

1) The First Sacrifice
2) What's Occurring? (Gavin and Stacey reference?!)
3) Jack's Daughter (Interesting...)
4) Diplomatic Cars
5) We Are Coming
6) Thames House
7) Double Crossed
8) Countdown to Destruction
9) The Crater
10) Torchwood Hunted
11) Gwen's Baby (Ooh?)
12) On The Run
13) Jack in a Box
14) Ianto Jones
15) Tractor Attack
16) Resurrection
17) Clement MacDonald
18) Something's Coming
19) Eye Spy
20) Trust Nobody
21) The World Looks to the Skies
22) Jack's Secret (as if he doesn't have enough already...)
23) Clem Remembers
24) Judgement Day
25) Requiem for the Fallen
26) The Ballad of Ianto Jones (aww bless)
27) The Final Day
28) Calm Before the Storm
29) Phase Two has Begun
30) Requisition 31
31) Here Comes Torchwood
32) He Was a Good Man
33) The Children of the Earth
34) Breaking the Connection
35) Fighting Back
36) Run for your Lives
37) Sacrifice and Salvation
38) Redemption
39) I Can Run Forever
40) Next Time on Torchwood (is there a new trailer?)

If you are going to copy this list please credit The-OncomingStorm, because it took me ages to type out seeing as I couldn't copy and paste. Thank you!

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