Thursday, 13 August 2009

10th Doctor's Last Words?

An interesting page from the upcoming Doctor Who storybook has found its way online, containing quotes from the 10th Doctor's past and future. There are some on there which are new, such as "...E water! Get away from the wat..." and "One last look... Got to see..." But perhaps the most interesting is right at the top, which could be the Doctor's last words... Click to enlarge.

Source: here.


Kate said...


As in, "Man you should have seen them *** Poe" ? Lulz. It also mentioned Camptown Races - in relation to River Song? Does I Am The Walrus have anything to do with her, I wonder?

Here's another thing: it says "***NTHEON OF DISCORD" ... could be Pantheon of Discord? ... could it have something to do with the Greek goddess of discord Eris, companion of Ares - a.k.a. Mars? HA, that's probably way too much of a stretch. Probably more like some sort of Time-Lordy thing from the sound of it. Pantheon of Discord. Heh.

Anonymous said...

No RTD said the last letter is N.

Guido said...


wedding of sarah jane smith - dr. who says 'dont forget me' to sarah jane smith