Sunday, 30 August 2009

News Round Up

OK, I promised a news update, so here I go. Beware of spoilers, though, it's just like looking into River Song's diary...

- Pics of filming have revealed that one Series Five episode will be set in World War II with, supposedly, Winston Churchill and the Daleks.

- The animated picture of David Tennant's Doctor has emerged online for the new series called Dreamland which will feature Georgia Moffett.

- The official SJA website has been made over in preparation for the new series.

- And that's about it really. Please tell me if I've missed anything... I'll try to post about it as soon as possible. Also, I will be posting the list of episode titles for The Oncoming Storm FanFiction Series very soon... so keep checking back!


Rhi said...

Yay! I can't wait! :D

The Bad Wolf TV

theredevil987 said...

I'm surprised you havn't got the 11th audio clips up yet.

Anyway, keep up the fantastic work! =D