Thursday, 13 August 2009

No Updates

Just a quick notice to say that there won't be any new updates or posts on here until Saturday 29th August, because I am on holiday for two weeks. However, you can still browse the wide range of pages and there are plenty of other websites out there, my recommended ones being:

The Bad Wolf TV

Ultimate Doctor Who

Whovian Net

And for some generally epic fanfiction, visit Will and Seb.


Rhi said...

Aww, no updates :( Anyway, thanks for putting me on the links :)


Sylar said...

Have a great time! (If i havent said that before :P :P XD)

Thanks for linking mah site too :)

UDW :)

Seb said...

Have a good holiday Becky! And thanks for linking our site :)

Will said...

Have a great holiday! and thanks for the link!