Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Discussion: Tenth Doctor

Wow, I really am on a roll today with all these posts. Anyway, I was randomly thinking of all the things that should/must happen before the 10th Doctor's regeneration, and here's the list I came up with:

- He must meet Queen Elizabeth. Remember in The Shakespeare Code when she made an entrance at the end of the episode and started shooting arrows at him? This implies she must have met him before in that incarnation and that he must have done something to aggravate her.

- He should really meet up with Jenny once more (although this could really happen with Matt Smith's Doctor, but it would be better with David Tennant's)

Well it's a brief list, but I'm sure you could help by please adding some more!


Will said...

Great post! Hmmm. He should meet Ida Scott again, like he promised :)


Franaka said...

i have been wondering how they would do the queen elizbeth story seeing its the tenth incarnation she has the grudge with....maybe they will explain it in the up coming specials? briefly? like after the long wait for the expliantion of gwen apearing in doctor who in 1889 and in torchwood present day with that little simple explination at the end of series 4. or maybe its open for a book story? who knows eh

Seb said...

He should meet River Song or she should have realised straight away that he was a younger Doctor.

Rhi said...

Nice post :) Unfortunately, this will be my last comment on TOCS, see site for more info :(


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

I agree with the River Son comment. Surely she would have told him that they meet when he looks different. Or would that be against the rules?

Anonymous said...

matt smiths doctor is to meet river in series 5 and in series 4 episodes with her he was very insistant about not knowing his own future so she may have respected that and not told him that he was (possibly) a different regenaration to the one she knows?