Friday, 9 October 2009

Series Five Information Revealed (SPOILERS)

More information has emerged about Richard Curtis' contribution to Series Five - the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond are set to meet the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh! Curtis has stated that Van Gogh has to stab a yellow enemy (maybe with a paintbrush!), and that the episode will be broadcasted in February, although this has not yet been confirmed.

There's certainly an interesting potential for this story, what with Van Gogh cutting off some of his ear and shooting himself in a field. Perhaps there'll be a supernatural twist to this...

Thanks to Combom for the info.


Will said...

I didn't know he shot himself in a field... I knew he cut his ear off though. Maybe a bit gruesome for Doctor Who? xP

Flick said...

This all seems a bit strange :) I bet it will be good though. February seems very early for Doctor Who doesn't it? I hope the rumour about the series being split into two isn't true, that would really suck!