Sunday, 25 October 2009

Trick or Treat: Quick Explanation

Seeing as Halloween is this Saturday (31st October) I've decided to do a Trick or Treat thing (I don't have another word to describe it!) A Trick will be a post with something silly and jokey (remember how 'Fairly Funny Thing' used to be?) and a Treat will be a post full of goodies like icons, banners etc.

It will start tomorrow with a Trick, then Tuesday will be a treat and so on. On Halloween night itself there will be a bigger treat to celebrate the actual day. The Daily Trivia will be postponed for a week because of this.

It's all fuuun here... But I would be wary of the Weeping Angel in the banner. He hasn't heard that it's rude to point...

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Sylar said...

Sounds fun! Cant wait!