Friday, 1 January 2010

The End of Time - Part Two Discussion

Wow... what an episode. In my opinion it was heartbreaking and I was crying for most of the time... Call me weird or whatever, but it was just so sad. For me, the last part was the best. Seeing all his companions like that was wonderful. But Martha and Mickey? A couple... hmm. So what did you think?

Series Five Preview:


GMasterH said...

So the Time Lords became the worst monsters of them all? Someone should bring them back in a good way when the time is right. I think the mysterious woman was the Doctor's mother and once again the Master has saved the Doctor's life. He does have some good in him. No one died pluss we had an unexpected fleeting glimpse of a Sontaran (YAY!)

I remember when Chris (No 9) left the series so soon I thought the same about David as we all do now about Matt. I think he's gonna be great once he gets going. And whats with the white dalek? Looks cool!

Will said...

Wow, what an episode! And series five looks amazing too!! Bring on the Moffat era!