Monday, 18 January 2010

Your Favourite 10th Doctor Moments

I'm actually very shocked that I haven't done something like this sooner but anyway, Sean from Into The Vortex has asked me to gather some comments as a tribute to the 10th Doctor for a special video that he will soon be making. It would be nice if you could say what your favourite moment is, maybe a quote or an episode, perhaps a certain piece of acting that has stuck in your mind.

Even if you don't want your thoughts to appear in the video, they'll be nice to share anyway, for Ten's sake, so please get commenting!


Will said...

The Doctor and Rose. Any scene. Maybe when she's faceless and he's determined to save her? That's a good scene :)

theta_sigma said...

Couple of good bits that I've thought of
Did you miss me? (The Christmas Invasion)
Where Cassandra first goes into the Doctor (New Earth)
Allons-y Alonso (Voyage Of The Damned)
Don't blink (Blink)
Where they're all flying the TARDIS (Journey's End)
We're not just fighting the flood, we're fighting time itself, and I'm gonna win! (Waters of Mars)

Flick said...

Anything from The Doctor and Rose era. Series Two was David Tennant's best series by a mile! (Flick)