Tuesday, 17 February 2009

E-books News

As you know, a set of E-books are coming soon to The-OncomingStorm and now I can show you the covers and synopsises. There are only 2 in the first set, but if they turn out popular, there may be more. Special thanks to Ash from MDWM for making the amazing covers, please do not copy or change them in anyway!

Boys in Blue
The Doctor and Rose arrive on modern day Earth to visit Jackie when suddenly they realise just how strange things are getting with the police… Accidents and disasters continue happening all week, and when Jackie disappears, it’s clear something isn’t right.

Will the Doctor and Rose be able to save Jackie before the police reveal their true identity and plans?

Stressed Out
Olivia is a normal teenager with exams, coursework and family troubles. Unable to cope anymore, she flees from her home but suddenly returns back, with a completely different personality and look on life. Just what’s going on?

The Doctor and Martha investigate this dilemma and try to save not only Olivia’s life, but those closest to her.

I haven't really decided when these will be out yet, but it will be during March.


Miss Gallifrey said...

Great! These Ebooks look amazing!

The Bad Wolf TV

Will said...

Love the second cover especially! The first is great as well!

Will and Seb's Blog

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great, I can't wait. These look amazing and with Ash's cover brilliance......

Doctor Who Mad Online

TheHairofTime said...

they look great! what did you use to make the covers btw?

Anonymous said...

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