Monday, 23 February 2009

News Reporters Needed!

With other online commitments looming, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find news to post about on this website. Therefore, I'm in need of some News Reporters, who would be able to search the internet for me and send me the details on a certain piece of news. If you're interested, please continue reading!

If you think you would like to search the net for news daily, please leave a comment below with your website URL, so that I can see some of your work, and say why you think you'd be suitable for the job. If I'm impressed, I'll give you a task and see how you get on. If you succeed after that, you will officially be a TOCS News Reporter! I'm willing to have 2/3 news reporters at the most, so please get applying.


Miss Gallifrey said...

I will!

Does this mean posting or just Emailing you news?

Gallifrey-Online said...

I search the net every day for's what i do most when im on my laptop.

who2009 said...
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who2009 said...

pick me cos my blogs de best and this one needs to be better like mine cos everyone looks up to me.