Monday, 25 May 2009

Lots of News from DWM!

The latest issue of DWM has confirmed that the Doctor will star in two episodes of Series 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures in Autumn! Russell T Davies stated, "... it's more than just a cameo from the Tenth Doctor! He's a proper part of the story." He said that the episode is "extraordinary, wild and powerfully moving," and that, "let's just say that the wedding of Sarah Jane will be a day for everyone to remember!" This sounds interesting, and I will actually watch it for once!

The magazine also confirmed that a new animated story entitled 'Dreamland' will be available on CBBC this Autumn. It has been revealed that David Tennant will be voicing the 10th Doctor, and Georgia Moffett will be the voice of a new character called Cassie Rice, not Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.

It all sounds good!


Brad said...

Great news! I'm looking forward to this animation and the new series of Sarah Jane Adventures.

Miss Gallifrey said...

I can't wait for this!

Meg said...

Lol i think i may join you in ACTUALLY watching SJA...well come IS the Doctor after all! :D Great post :)