Friday, 15 May 2009

One Year Online!

It's hard to believe but a whole year has passed since The-OncomingStorm first opened! Wow! This time in 2008, I was busily designing the website after moving from Piczo, and ever since it has been bringing you the latest news, had several different layouts, received loyal visitors and hosted episode discussions, and it's still going strong!

There are lots of people who visit this site regularly and keep it going, but I'd like to thank these people especially for all their encouragement and kindness: Will, Sylar (Rob), Miss Gallifrey, Ro, Meg, MDWM, DWMO (Kyle), thedoctorwho07... argh, there are so many that I can't remember! I'm sorry if I forgot you, but you are still greatly appreciated!

Also, special thanks again to Meg from Laser-Screwdriver, she made the fantastic banner above. I received many great entries, but I think the ball bearings on the cake won it...

Let's just now hope that the site can last another year!


Will said...

Happy Birthday Beccala! Yay I got mentioned first! Ha all you lot! :P

Will and Seb
The Proc
Cullen and Swan

Rob (Sylar) said...

Happy Birthday TOCS!!!! I'm so glad to see a proper site which has actually stayed open for a whole year, with the same name, web host, etc. It's just so brilliantly amazing! Congrats! And happy first birthday!!! \ :D /

P.S - Will, second's always the best! :P

Miss Gallifrey said...

Happy Birthday! It's really hard to believe that a WHOLE 365 days has passed! I wish the best from me and TBWT,

Miss Gallifrey

Brad said...

Congratulations on achieving a whole year online! This site has improved so much over the year it's been running and it has become soooo popular! I love this site, the posts, the layout, the pages, the atmosphere, it's all fantastic! I've been making sites for quite a while now (For about two years, theres been so many...) and I've never got to the one year mark. Well done you! I wish TOCS all the best for the future and hope the site grows even more popular. I hope to speak to you soon,

The Gallifrey Vortex

Meg said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the mention and for making my entry the winning one! :D Lets keep it going for another year! WELL DONE TOCS! =)

Anonymous said...


Becky, I wish you all the best for the next 365 days and beyond! Keep up the good work :)

And the banner is fantastic! Well done to Meg :D