Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rose Smith to Return?

This site has posted a very interesting article about the possibility of Rose and the Other Doctor returning...

Just found out this morning that Tennant is coming up to London on Friday to shoot a scene with Billie Piper. And it is literally just the one scene. Episode 4.18, Scene 163 to be precise. They're going to be out on location in a reasonably public place so there's some chance of photos but I don't want to be too specific in case the descent of hordes of 'Doctor Who' fans prompts anyone to try and find out where the information originated.

No idea what the scene actually entails but the Call Sheet lists the characters as "The Other Doctor" and "Rose Smith" so draw your own conclusions!

So could this mean the return of Rose 'Smith'?


Miss Gallifrey said...

I think this does mean the return of her, but it's just so annoying. I mean, she's an alright companion I s'pose, but why return?

Combom said...

the link to my site doesnt work :)


thedoctorwho07 said...

She's a fantastic companion, but why keep bringing EVERYONE back???? Jack, Donna, Wilf, Sarah Jane, Luke Smith, and now Rose!

It was really exciting when Rose returned in Series 4, but why bring her back once more?!

Rose is trapped in a completely different world forever now, Donna cannot remember The doctor or the adventures she had cos then she will die... So why bring them back?

Part of me is thinking RTD should have saved the story the Series 4 finale for David Tenant's final episodes. That would have been MUCH MUCH MUCH better. But now, because all these companions have returned once already (some even twice) their cameos in the final 2009 Specials will not feel very exciting, and that disappoints me.

Phew, got that of my chest! ;) lol

Becky said...

Yeah, I agree. And sorry Combom! I'll change it now...

Franaka said...

Are you not curious as to how they will bring them back? I mean they always pull off a good story on something. You wonder how they could do it without spoiling it but they do it effectivly. That's why I can't wait for it. RTD has really brought back this series with a bang and I bet he wouldn't end his reign without an effective way to Finnish the tenth doctors adventures including closure for the companions I gues?

Anonymous said...

Rose is not only a fantastic companion, she is quite obviously THE companion of the RTD years. The Doctor has been defined (at least emotionally) for the entire NEW WHO run by his sense of loss and longing for "the life he can never have" and by his relationship with Rose Tyler. How anyone can miss such blatant subtext is beyond me, but many fans seem to miss it.

Needless to say, if this rumor is true, it makes perfect sense given all we know of New Who under Russell T. Davies. And, I would imagine, that all we will be seeing this coming Christmas is the postponed REAL ending for S4. We will simply have underlined...what WAS underlined in the last two specials...the Doctor is lost and lonely and is singing a rather sad emo-song. That song must come to an end. To bring it to an end...Donna and Rose must return for proper closure. Now...what that "proper" closure will be, only RTD knows.

However, I do think Russell can do a lot better than he did at the end of Journey's End to wrap up all of his lost and lonely god plot points.


Meg said...

"This world is sealing itself off, forever" ...again. I was sad when Rose left the first time and I was like "omgrose!" when I saw her in Partners in Crime, but then when we all knew she was returning...we also knew that EVERYONE was returning which kinda fased out the fact she was returning (i thought) as much as i loved those episodes (the Stolen Earth/Journey's End). I was looking forward to seeing Torchwood in Doctor Who as much as seeing Rose return.

Deep down RTD is a fanboy, and that's why I think he wants to bring everyone back (again) and to (as Rae said) give the show a "proper closure".

I think if you dwell on it for too long, you just get confused so just wait and see what happens XD I'm interested to see how this one plays out!