Thursday, 31 December 2009

David Tennant Interview

The final part of The End of Time is on TV tomorrow and, in a new interview, David Tennant has said that viewers will be left heartbroken by the final "brilliant" plot twists.

He told BBC Breakfast, "Coming to the final episodes, you (think) will these live up to one's hopes for what that finale will be?

"And then you read the script - The Doctor's been told he's going to die, he knows he's going to die, so you get to play that new flavour with this character that you've got to know so well... suddenly you're playing a man who knows his end is coming.

"He's been told: 'He will knock four times' and you get the Master with these four beats in his head and you think, well, that's what that is. When you find out tomorrow night what that really means - (it) just breaks your heart - it's brilliant."

Thanks to Msn UK for this information.