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Fan Fiction Fridays : Will and Seb

For those Whovians who enjoy reading, there are plenty of Fan Fictions out there to look at, and I've decided to celebrate this with Fan Fiction Fridays. Every week I'll be making a recommendation that you might want to read.

To start off I will be recommending one of the greatest websites out there completely dedicated to Fan Fiction. It's called Will and Seb's Blog and it really is fantastic. They have so far produced two series full of thirteen original episodes, including fictional characters such as Georgia and Conner. The stories, which include the 10th Doctor, are always of a high quality, and I had a quick interview with Will, who told me some more about it.

Hi Will. So, what inspired you to first write Doctor Who fan fiction?

Hmm. Well I guess it's because I've always loved Doctor Who. It's like when you're a kid; you make up stories in the playground, except we've written them down. When we first started Will and Seb, it was about our various projects, but after a while we decided to publish the stories on the site, and it went from there really!

Would you say that you have an over-active imagination, then?

Yeah, I'd say that I do. You can usually see me thinking of ideas in lessons at school, which is particularly helpful for my education. But yeah, my imagination is often way too active for my liking.

Well, you can blame the Doctor if you fail any subjects!

Yup! But could you really blame the Doctor for anything? He's helped me quite a lot in English. Not him personally, he doesn't pop along to my lessons every now and then. That would be good, but he has helped my imagination.

Can you give a basic summary of your fan fictions so far?

Oh God. Right. Prepare yourself. Georgia Bell meets the Doctor, and she joins him on his travels. Then Conner Bennet meets the Doctor, and joins them on their travels too. His friends from school, Zac Pemberton, Kaylie Watson and Harry Ladbrooke find out about the Doctor. Zac joins them for a while in the TARDIS, but ultimately decides to remain at home.

Georgia loses her brother Richard to the Slitheen, and her parents Colin and Elizabeth and understandably upset. There is also a man following the Doctor through time and space called Petr Costravalos, and he and his assistant Pippa Blackwell are hunting him for a sinister purpose.
The Daleks return, Harry Ladbrooke dies, and Beth Grant (another school friend) helps Conner defeat a group of Clowns.

Oh, and an evil soothsayer demon who predicts death called Rack has attacked the Doctor twice, and will return one day. Ooh, and one Dalek survived, and has plans...

Eep. That doesn't sound too good... do you plan on writing for the 11th Doctor as well? What are your future plans?

Well, in the immediate future, Georgia and Conner will be joined by a brand new companion, a Japanese film star called Korena Hashimoto, from the year 3999. In the longer future, we've got a third series planned, and we've discussed the possibility of a fourth series. I don't know if we'll write 11th Doctor stories one day, but at the moment, we plan to keep the Tenth Doctor where he is.

OK. How do you keep on top of writing all the stories? After seeing your site, you write 13 episodes, each in 5 parts… isn’t that a lot of work?

It is. Some stories can take a month to write. But, this year in particular, we've balanced the stories quite well; I write a story or two, then Seb does the same. Last year we were really just settling down, and we hadn't planned anything like this. I ended up writing four stories in a row! It was a nightmare, believe me.

I bet. Well, congratulations on your achievements so far and I hope you gain more success in the future. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions!

Thanks for the interview! Maybe you could write an episode for us one day...

That would certainly be interesting! Thanks again!

I really would suggest that you visit the site soon. As well as the brilliant stories, the owners and both friendly and very welcoming. The link is here so take a look if you can!

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