Thursday, 24 December 2009

Your Doctor Who Christmas TV Guide!

It's all becoming really exciting now! This Christmas is Doctor Who packed and I decided to put together a Doctor Who Christmas TV Guide for people in the UK/Ireland:

24th December

Bedtime Stories with David Tennant - C Beebies, 6.50pm

QI (with David Tennant) - BBC One, 10.00pm

The Waters of Mars - BBC Three, 7.00pm

25th December

The End of Time Part One - BBC One, 6.00pm

Doctor Who Confidential - BBC Three, 7.00pm

Catherine Tate Show: Nan's Christmas Carol (with David Tennant) - BBC One, 10.30pm

26th December

Hamlet (with David Tennant) - BBC Two, 5.05pm

27th December

Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties (featuring Doctor Who) - Channel 4, 9.00pm

1st January

The End of Time Part Two - BBC One, 6.40pm

Doctor Who Confidential - BBC Three, 7.55pm

I hope I haven't missed anything out... have a merry Christmas!

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