Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Eleventh Hour - Your Thoughts

So, the wait is finally over! It's been two years since we were treated to a full series and the first episode 'The Eleventh Hour' has just been shown. Everything was brand new: the Doctor, the companion, the TARDIS interior, the starting titles... but what did you think?

Was the change good? Did you enjoy it so much that you're already craving the next episode? Or was it all a little disappointing? Please leave your thoughts!

Plus, here's the new trailer! I'll do screencaps tomorrow. Great casting for Vincent van Gogh, in my opinion!


The Cloister Bell said...

I love love loved it! It was epic and a great introduction to the series!! 100% amazing.

Crazy-Doctor-Who-09 said...

What a brilliant episode.I love Matt as the new Doctor.Bring on next week:D

Conor said...

This could be one of the best DW eps yet!

Will said...

I loved it! But I think I prefer the Doctor to Amy, and I usually prefer the companion... *Ahem*

OliLord said...

OMG, it was amazing! 5 Star episode. Everything new was fantastic, Matt Smith was amazing, so was Karen.

I was worried about this series, but after this, I know there is nothing to worry about :D

I want more! Love Amy Pond, she's amazing, funny and good looking :)

GMasterH said...

Was just right to let the new doc in gently. Not too much, not too little. But the new TARDIS interior and theme need a little getting used to.

The flashback of the old Doctors and monsters was good. I like bits like that.