Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Flesh and Stone - Teasers

Digital Spy have revealed their usual teasers for this week's upcoming episode:

1. Eureka! Galileo!
2. Amy: "Basically we've *** up the inside of a *******."
3. The Byzantium contains a forest. Yes, a forest.
4. Amy: "Seven."
5. There's a scene reminiscent of a scene from 'Doomsday'.
6. Amy: "Six."
7. What's the opposite of the moral from 'Blink'?
8. River has done something very, very naughty.
9. There's a very important date you'll want to mark in your diaries/iPhones/Google calendars come the end of this episode.
10. The crack. We finally learn what it is and what it wants.
And, just for fun, a bonus teaser:
11. Amy does something to The Doctor that prompts an epiphany. And a collection.


Will said...

Ooh, I can't wait! They all sound really interesting :)

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