Saturday, 17 April 2010

Victory of the Daleks - Your Thoughts

Exterminate! The Daleks have just made their truimphant return to Doctor Who and certainly caused plenty of trouble for the Doctor and Amy, but what did you think of the episode? Did you like Winston Churchill and the newly designed/coloured Daleks, or did you think it was all a little boring?

Please leave your views here if you can!


- Amy doesn't seem to remember the events that happened in the past, when the Daleks famously invaded during 'Journey's End.' How could she possibly miss this, with all the planets in the sky? It's sounding similar to Donna...
- More cracks are appearing. What's happening with this?
- Will the Daleks make another reappearance soon?


Steve said...

I was wondering what The Doctor meant about the events from the past, but overal FANTASTIC episode!

Anonymous said...

This episode was fab. It is the best episode out of the three. The crack appeared again at the end. Next weeks look

Will said...

My least favourite episode, I think. But I love the new coloured Daleks! I hope the Daleks aren't just "one happened to survive" anymore.

Keep up the great work!

Will :)

Crazy-Doctor-Who-09 said...

A great episode.I keep wondering why theres a crack at the end of the episodes?I always find the past episodes more intresting.Love the new Daleks though:)