Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Lodger Teasers - SPOILERS

SFX have released 20 teasers about this week's episode The Lodger. Read them below at your own risk...

1) The first line is very funny.
2) A guest character from last week’s episode shows up a few times.
3) There’s the first gay allusion this series (sort of).
4) The Doctor has more interesting adventures with food and drink.
5) Matt Smith fans will be freeze-framing one particular revealing moment.
6) A can of beer is opened at an important moment.
7) The Doctor commits an act of physical violence, sort of…
8) A certain face shows up for the fourth time this series; another for a third; and others for a second time.
9) There’s lots of witty dialogue.
10) A regal couple put in an appearance.
11) Amy discovers something.
12) One of the most uttered phrases of series five comes up again.
13) It’s the most unusual ever episode of Doctor Who Confidential!
14) It’s back.
15) Someone says the G-word.
16) There’s a monster’s hand in a drawer.
17) The psychic paper serves several purposes.
18) It’s rather a sweet love story and James Corden is actually quite likeable.
19) Someone says, “I love you.”
20) The Doctor is helped by some feline intuition.

The episode airs at 6.45pm this Saturday.

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