Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vincent and the Doctor Spoilers

Lots of spoilers for this week's episode Vincent and the Doctor have been released - obviously only read if you want to know...

1) In some ways it’s the most unusual Doctor Who ever episode ever – never has the show been less plot-lead and more character-led.

2) It’s very, very emotional at times.

3) Anyone expecting an out-and-out comedy from Richard Curtis will be surprised. This is about Van Gogh – it doesn’t shy away from depression and suicide. If anything, the episode is quite melancholy.

4) The opening scene is a blinder.

5) An ongoing gag about the TARDIS’s abilities won’t make any sense to people who don’t know the show inside-out.

6) Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.

7) There’s a glorious visual reference to the painting “Starry Night.”

8) The Doctor makes a slip of the tongue.

9) There’s some mutual sartorial appreciation going on.

10) There’s a major story element that some will decry as a massive plot hole and others will embrace on a metaphorical level.

11) The TARDIS is redecorated.

12) Two former Doctors make an unexpected appearance (for one of them it’s their third appearance this year.)

Those were from SFX, these are from Teen Today:

1) “Arcadia, The Trojan Gardens, now this?”

2) “He’s drunk, he’s mad and he never pays his bills.” Vincent is a popular chap.

3) The Doctor doesn’t know three things and one of them is about Miss Pond.

4) Speaking of Miss Pond, she’s from Holland you know.

5) It’s not very good news when a murder occurs.

6) “What is it with you and the ****c*?”

7) That useless, embarrassing present from a godmother with two heads and bad breath is actually quite useful.

8) It’s a parrot. No wait, it’s a polar bear. Is it?

9) Vincent can hear the song of Amy’s sadness.

10) “If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s an unpunctual ****n *t****.”

11) Sssh. You need to whisper in the confessions box.

12) That song may just make you shed a tear or two.

13) Just who or what could be The Ultimate Ging?

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Kyle said...

The TARDIS is redecorated was one of the spoilers, I never saw a new TARDIS :/