Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Pandorica Opens Tonight!

It's Saturday again, and tonight the first part of the highly anticipated finale will be shown on BBC One and BBC HD. 'The Pandorica Opens' promises to be a brilliant episode - written by Steven Moffat and seeing the return of the mysterious River Song, it's certainly going to be a thrilling ride.

Please come back after the episode if you can and leave your thoughts - it's shown at 6.40pm tonight and the concluding part 'The Big Bang' is shown at 6.05pm next Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I wasn't impressed.

There's lengthy post at my site explaining my gut reactions, but put simply I thought it was a great idea, but poorly written.

but then I've never been one to agree a lot, lol.

Steve said...

It was epic. Very clever indeed, slightly confusing at times - however it really got me counting down the hours until the concluding part next weekend. Amy's dead, Rivers blowing up and The Doctors trapped - what can possibly happen next. Moffat please dont spoil it now ;)

Daniel said...

Good episode but i dont get the cyberman? With a skull in its head? It was always said they removed the brain and placed it in a metal body so when did they start working on their own and using actual body parts like a whole head? Why even need fresh meat as the doctor put it? The idea of the cybermen in the new series was to carry the brain and live for ever free from disease? I miss russel, steven hasnt been as great as i first thought, a massive change like that with no explination kinda spoils it for me. I hope it gets explained properly :-( unless i missed something. What does anyone else think?????

Becky said...

I was confused about that too, Daniel!