Saturday, 27 December 2008

DWM 404 Cover

The cover for DWM issue 404 has been revealed and can be seen below. It contains the Doctor, Miss Hartigan and the Cyberleader. The issue is out on 8th January at a price of £3.99. Talking of magazines, The-OncomingStorm's online magazine Via The Void is officially coming to an end. Due to many reasons, I can no longer cope with making a magazine and would like to thank everyone who has supported it during its run. Now, I can concentrate on many other things which will be coming to the site...


Miss Gallifrey said...

Nice post, and brilliant site. Keep up the good work!

The Bad Wolf TV

Steve said...

There is something about Doctor Who Magaznine that just makes me not want to buy it :S I think its because I have seen the episode and I know the story so the cover doesnt really attract me :S I must seem like a complete and under crap fan seeings as my comment in your appritation post :$