Thursday, 4 December 2008

Times Confirmed

The Official BBC Site has confirmed that this year's Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor,' will be shown at a very early time of 6pm. Do you think this is too early, or does time not matter? The episode is expected to last around an hour and will probably be followed by a Confidential on BBC Three.

Also, the Doctor Who Prom, which took place earlier this year, has been confirmed to be shown at 1.50pm on BBC One on January 1st 2009. During this programme, you'll be able to see several musical pieces being performed live, Davros invade the building and the special mini-episode 'Music of the Spheres.' Will you be watching this?


Steve said...

I think this is the best time Doctor Who has EVER been on Xmas day! An early time slot means you dont have to sit by the TV till around 8pm! Last years went on for around 80 minz? Something like that lol! And for me it got relli boring near the end, so happy this one is only an hour as the story will be better!

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great post, can't wait till Christmas, I will definately be watching the Prom highlights as well.

Doctor Who Mad Online