Thursday, 18 December 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I haven't been very well, but now we're back in business. Firstly, VTV issue 7 is out now to read, see it here. In other news, the Doctor Who 'The Next Doctor' press launch took place today and Russell T Davies said that one of the specials will be filmed abroad...

"It's going to be quite exotic, I can't tell you where, but we've got four days filming abroad, to give it a bit of size and a new feel to it."

He also commented on David Tennant who recently had surgery on his back: "We will be very careful with him. The problem has been fixed but I don't think we'll be swinging him on a wire on his first day back."

Russell believes David will be fine to film Doctor Who from 19th January. Fingers crossed!

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