Friday, 19 December 2008


Digital Spy have been releasing some Doctor Who teasers to get fans excited about the upcoming Christmas Special. They can be seen below:

1. The mysterious Cybershades can jump quite high.

2. Neither the Doctor nor the Other Doctor recognise each other. But the latter doesn't remember much anyway.

3. There are two words that the Doctor never refuses.

4. The Other Doctor has a TARDIS - and it's magnificent.

5. For a while Rosita becomes the Doctor's companion.

6. The script includes the customary line "what about the children?"

7. At least one previous incarnation of the Doctor makes an appearance.

8. Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan) is a very special lady.

9. The Other Doctor's fobwatch is a very important clue.

10. "I suppose ** *** ***, **** ***** ** *****."

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Miss Gallifrey said...

Great post! This is now THE site I go to for Who news! Keep up the great work!

Miss Gallifrey
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