Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Then and Now

Well 2008 has certainly been a great year for The-OncomingStorm. This time last year, the site wasn't even around and I was editing my Piczo website, Doctor-Who-Fan1, not really making a fuss about the year just gone. However, I feel this year deserves a mention.

Back in May, I decided to make the website with that horrific layout... Minima I think it's called... I shudder when I think that I had opened a brand new website with such a terrible layout! Anyway, 3 layouts later and now the site has this one which I'm pretty proud of.

Considering the site's only been going 7-8 months, in December we received over 1000 visits from countries all over the world, mainly from the UK. It may not seem impressive compared to other major Blogger sites but I'm quite proud it!

Many website features have come and gone... Via The Void, Site Reviewer, Companion Clothes, but they are making way for some brand new features coming in 2009. The new layout has been transferred to all the current pages and all have been improved and updated.

Back when the site started, the news posts were sloppy, without pictures and just packed with information that, most of the time, I'd just copied and pasted. Now, however, the posts are structured and are written completely by me, nothing just copied.

The site has received criticism and compliments in its time so far, but overall I just hope the site's improved over the months; the statistics surely have! But I'd just like to thank the loyal visitors who always leave comments and encourage me to keep going in moments when I just want to give up. Thank you and have a happy new year!


Brad said...

Happy new year Bex!

Steve said...

TOCS get's better and better all the time! Can not wait to see what is next for the site!

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Here's to 2009 :)

Doctor Who Mad Online