Saturday, 29 May 2010

Cold Blood - Your Thoughts (SPOILERS)

It's Saturday - arguably the best day of the week - and that means Doctor Who has been shown on BBC One and BBC HD! Episode nine - already! There's on four more episodes left! - was the concluding part of the Silurian story, but did you enjoy it?

Did you think the classic Who monster's return was good, or were you a little disappointed with their new look and plans? Also, what did you think of the developments in the series arc and that one major shock? Please leave your thoughts below - all comments are appreciated.


Steve said...

In all honesty I was bored in this episode. The only time I was interested with the content was in the last five minutes. Poor Rory :(, I feel that the Silurians should have just been a one episode instead of a two parter...?

George said...

The new Silurians were lame. Cliched archetypal characters: the kind, befuddled doctor, the old wiseman, the constantly angry rebel. They were boring.
I didn't care much for the human characters either, but at least the mother got a good yelling at from the Doctor.
The last part was worth it though. Rory's death was wonderfully acted by all the main castmembers, and the fact that he now never existed makes it somehow worse. An improvement on last week's, but not the series' best.

mrswhiteandnerdy said...

am I the only person who finds Matt Smith EXTREMELY dissapointing? He is severely lacking the charisma of David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, and to be quite frank, every other doctor before him. I found the monsters a bit too lizardy and blatantly costumes, plus, am I right that they killed off Amy's boyfriend? Russell would NEVER do that!