Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Hungry Earth - Unofficial Ratings

Unofficial viewing figures for last night's episode The Hungry Earth have revealed that 4.5 million people watched it in total. This may seem low, but it has been very hot over the weekend and so not as many people will be inside watching television.

4.24 million tuned in on BBC One, while an additional 0.30 million watched on BBC HD. The official figures will be released in a few weeks and, as usual, these are likely to increase. Also, Doctor Who was the 5th most watched programme all day, so it's not all bad!


Will said...

Woah! Only 4.5 million! I really hope they increase! Thought it is unlikely that Doctor Who will be cancelled... :)

VORTEX said...

yes the figures are low - what a shame for one of the best so far this season