Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Two Years Online!

The Oncoming Storm has now officially been online for two whole years! Back in 2008, the website started on Blogger after moving from Piczo and ever since it's evolved and regenerated almost as many times as the Doctor himself!

It's been open through most of series four, all of the 2009 specials and series five so far, hopefully covering all the news that surfaced around our favourite TV programme.

I actually don't want to ramble on too much and bore you all, so I'd just like to thank those people who regularly visit and support the blog - it's really, really, really appreciated! It really would be nothing without you. I hope you still enjoy the posts and content, and, fingers crossed, maybe the site will be celebrating another birthday this time next year!


Steve said...

Happy Birthday :D Gone so quick :(

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

keep it up Becky, we love it here.

Patar said...

Congratulations!! Isn't it disappointing when great sites stop, stay strong, becky!