Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Trailer and Blog News

As Cold Blood has made its debut, our thoughts, of course, turn towards the next episode which is Richard Curtis' Vincent and the Doctor. A brand new trailer has been revealed that you can watch below - doesn't it look great?!

Also, some site news here, I'm aiming to have some new features and make some more posts, so here's a rough schedule:

Monday - Trivia Day. I will post a few questions that you can choose to answer in order to earn some points for the leaderboard.

Wednesday - Which Episode? I will post a picture of the Doctor and you must identify the correct episode that it is from.

Friday - Fansite Friday. I will post a review of a website out there that is one of my favourites.

Saturday - Your Thoughts. After each episode you can come and leave your thoughts about the episode if you want to.

Sunday - Story Sundays. For those of you who enjoy reading stories, every Sunday I will recommend a story that I believe is worth a read.

I realise some of this may not interest everybody, but I'm trying to add more variety and content, so please bear with me!

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