Thursday, 1 January 2009

Confidential: The 10 Doctors

This Saturday, BBC One are airing a special Doctor Who Confidential entitled 'The 10 Doctors.' It seems odd they are showing this during prime time, at 5.35pm, on the main channel and not on BBC Three- this has sparked rumours that the actor who will be playing the 11th Doctor after David Tennant will be revealed during the programme. However, this has not been confirmed yet. Be sure to tune in on the 3rd of January to see this special programme!

Also, congratulations to Elise, whose winning banner is up now! Thank you for all the entries submitted.


Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great post, I will watch this. Oh, and great banner, well done Elise. :)

Doctor Who Mad Online

Steve said...

OMG can not wait, they had better tell us, how ever I do not think they willl. I think RTD will reveal it next Xmas in the last of David's specials and ultimatly meaning that somone would have to take over then...