Thursday, 30 April 2009

John Barrowman (and various others) on set!

John Barrowman, famous for playing Captain Jack, has been spotted on set filming for the Doctor Who specials! This confirms his character's return, but there have also been rumours that a Slitheen and Russell Tovey (Midshipman Frame) have been spotted. What do you think of these returns?

Also, it has been confirmed that a special issue of DWM will be released on May 14th looking back at all the recent episodes. More news on this as it's announced.


Miss Gallifrey said...

Nice post, but this is DEFINITELY ruining Journey's End completely. Why can't the BBC accept that they've left and must live on?

thedoctorwho07 said...

Okay, now I really am thinking "Uh, god no, please!"

I think these characters are great and all, but stuff returning is REALLY getting out of hand.

Looking forward to the DWM issue though! :D

Will said...

Please stop returning everyone! Ooooh! Can't wait to hear more out about that DWM!

Will and Seb
The Proc

charlotte said...

if you take into consideration as to who else is there it is possible that john barrowman and russel tovey are not playing the characters we 'know' and are mere illusions to a big plan awaiting the doctor so if this is true then who or what is able to pull off a trick like this...

thedoctorwho07 said...

charlotte, just seeing the characters, whether illusions or not, is getting annoying.