Friday, 10 April 2009

The Runaway Bride Once More?

Wow - two posts in one day. How strange for me! Anyway, Catherine Tate has been spotted playing Donna - in a wedding dress; she's getting married, again! But who to this time? It has been rumoured that it is a black man whose book the Doctor was carrying, but this has been unconfirmed. The Doctor is expected to crash the wedding! Thanks to Scooty for the pictures, see more here.

Also, filming has been commencing at 13 Bannerman Road, otherwise known as Sarah Jane's house! Could another return be on the cards before David Tennant's Doctor regenerates?


Meg said...

Donna FTW!
Great post :D

Will said...

First Lance, now him. She likes her black men... That wasn't rascist everyone! It was a comment! A lot of my friends are black, and I like black people! So I'm not rascist!


Miss Gallifrey said...

Same here Will. Donna coming back is repetitive, but in a wedding dress? Definitely repetitive. :)

Miss Gallifrey
The Bad Wolf TV

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Running out of ideas are they? Don't tell me. They are bringing back the Racnoss as well? Huon Particles? Where are the new ideas?

Luke Bollard said...

And That Man Looks Like Doctor Moon ? Hmm....